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Steven Juliani is a composer, attorney, music copyist and french horn player.

Mr. Juliani began focusing seriously on composition in 2016. That choice was part of a long journey in music.

As a young horn player, Mr. Juliani was a soloist with the San Francisco Symphony and attended the Curtis Institute of Music. Following additional studies with Vincent DeRosa in Los Angeles, Mr. Juliani performed in the Santa Barbara Symphony, in the orchestra for Phantom of the Opera and on the soundtrack for Star Trek V, among others.

As a music copyist, Mr. Juliani worked in the music libraries at Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures and Sony Studios before starting his own company in 2002. Steven Juliani Music has prepared music for The Notebook, Horrible Bosses and the video game Journey -  among many others - and remains a steady presence in the Los Angeles film scoring community.

After attending law school at night, Mr. Juliani was admitted to the California Bar in 2012. Before starting to compose music Mr. Juliani was a criminal defense attorney in Marin County, California.

Mr. Juliani is a 2019 fellow in the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music.