Remembered (2016)

For Brian O’Connor


4 minutes


3 Horns, 2 Wagner Tuben, Tuba


Remembered is a tribute to my friend and colleague, Brian O’Connor. Brian was one of the most successful Los Angeles studio horn players of the last 30 years. The memory of Brian’s noble, dark sound was around me as I composed this piece. Remembered was first performed at a memorial concert for him held in Los Angeles, June 11, 2016.

The idea to use two Wagner Tubas came up while discussing the piece with my friend, Michael Gast, Principal Horn of the Minnesota Orchestra – who was also a friend of Brian’s.

Brian played Wagner Tuba on film scores composed by Jerry Goldsmith, Elliot Goldenthal and many others. The instrument’s full, dark sound seemed to work for this piece.

The discussions with Mr. Gast resulted in the present recording with members of the Minnesota Orchestra.

Remembered recording.jpg


May 25, 2016, Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis

Manny Laureano, Conductor
Michael Gast, Herb Winslow, Brian Jensen, Horns
Ellen Dinwiddie Smith, Michael Petruconis, Wagner Tuben
Steven Campbell, Tuba

Michael Osborne, Recording engineer


June 11, 2016 Los Angeles

Steven Juliani, Conductor
Steven Becknell, Brad Warnaar, Justin Hageman, Horns
Joe Meyer, Marty Rhees, Wagner Tuben
Doug Tornquist, Tuba